Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Pictures!

Wow is it the end of July already!! Hard to believe how quickly time goes by. Reagan is almost 17 months now! She is really developing her little personality these days. She is becoming independent, feisty, and very funny! Her favorite thing to do is make you laugh. She started walking memorial weekend and has not stopped since. She loves to try and climb up everything but she is still too short to reach. Reagan did have a big growth spurt and is now 28 inches tall and 19 pounds. Her only problem seems to be eating but she is improving every day. We have had a fun summer so far with a beach trip, park days, and lots of family time. Reagan loves to play outside and is not afraid of the dirt either. Below our some pictures of our summer so far! Hope you enjoy!

July Fourth at Baden Lake with the Winslow/Hicks Family! We had so much fun visiting with everyone and Reagan got to follow her cousin Avery around! They are too cute!!

Miller Beach Trip:
We had fun staying with my family at Myrtle Beach for a week! Reagan loved the sand and water. She was on the run constantly. No more sitting and reading a book on the beach for me.

Papa I really want to take out my hair bow!

Miss you Steve! We thought about getting a bystander to stand in the picture for you but left a space between Robert and Michelle instead!

Reagan went with Taylor to have pictures taken at Portrait Innovations. She was 15 months old and walking all over the set. We had to do some quick shots!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reagan's One Year Birthday Party

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you to all who came and celebrated Reagan's First birthday. I am so glad we got to share the day with all of you. God has blessed us so much this past year! We not only received a beautiful healthy little girl but God has drawn us closer together with family, friends, and the community. Thanks to each of you who have supported our family through your prayers, thoughts, and kind words. I can never express how much your love has meant to Robert and I this past year. It is hard to believe a year has past since the birth of our 1 pound 5.9 ounce baby girl who now is a whopping 16 pounds. What can I say GOD is GOOD! Thanks again for the part you played in our life!

Much Love,


I was too busy socializing and forgot to take very many pictures of Reagan's party! OOPS! If any of you have some on your cameras I would love to get them from you. Uncle Steve where are you when I need you! Just kidding. We miss you Uncle Steve and hope you are enjoying Korea!

Princess Reagan

The Children's party table. (Sorry Danelle, I just had to post. )

What birthday girl would rather have a bottle than cake? REAGAN Thanks Aunt Holly!

The Following Pictures are were taken on Reagan's real birthday. We had a small celebration at Nana and Papa Millers! They gave Reagan her red wagon which she absolutely loves!

One Year Pictures

Uncle Steve took these one year photos before he left! Thanks Uncle Steve!!!